Stevia Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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Robert Campbell
Tincture of Stevia cured my Lyme Disease.

After suffering for about four years from an undiagnosed malady, I, finally, got a positive diagnosis of Lyme Disease shortly after I was bitten by another tick in mid 2018. My doctor wanted to put me on an antibiotic, however, my research showed that longterm use of antibiotics caused problems such as Leaky Gut. I researched Lyme Disease and found that people had successfully cured their Lyme Disease with Tincture of Stevia. At first, it didn't seem to work. Further investigation led me to the fact that the biofilms which protect the Lyme Borellia and Spirochete colonies in the joints, muscles and brain have to be broken up before any treatment can attack the Lyme Borellia. Oil of Oregano and Neem are effective in breaking the biofilms. I took three capsules of Oil of Oregano three times a day for two weeks. After the protective biofilms were eliminated, the Tincture of Stevia started to work. I was pain free in about two months. After a year I had lost the 35 pounds I had gained without going on a diet. I continued to take the Stevia tincture for about six months. I order another four ounce bottle of tincture of Stevia in an Alcohol suspension every other month because I've heard that Lyme Disease can remanifest over a couple of years. I also took capsules of Activated Charcoal every few days to get the dead Lyme Borrelia out of my system. People complain of Herxheimer Reactions when curing Lyme. The Activated Charcoal works very well at relieving the Herxing symptoms.


I wasn't actually expecting this to taste so good.
Works for what I needed and good price.

Great stevia!!

Best stevia I’ve ever had! Sweet and no weird aftertaste or funky flavor.

Very Happy with Quality

I bought this twice now. Use it to help fight cold and bacterial infections. It has worked every time! I definitely recommend it. I also like the fact that it is made with Certified Organic food grade alcohol and Certified organic vegetable glycerin.

and I’ve been satisfied with my purchase

This is my first ever purchase of Stevia, and I’ve been satisfied with my purchase.

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