Spearmint Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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For Hormonal Acne. Great light taste. No side effects. Spearmint Alcohol-free 4oz tincture.

I'm using this for hormonal acne. I have a great skincare routine for hormonal acne that is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and anti-inflammatory: Cerave wash + lotion, Aczone prescription (the best), Paula's Choice BHA and 2.5% BPO, Korean hydrating toners. I also have a healthy diet: lots of veggies, low sugar, whole grains, no dairy, omega 3s, avocados, almonds, etc. The Aczone really helped my face, but I cannot apply it to my back for various reasons (not financially efficient, stains clothes, hard to reach). I got a prescription for Sulfacleanse to wash my back and it helped, but I still had bacne. I tried going on birth control (Azurette). Birth control can help acne but it usually makes it worse before it gets better, but even after 4 months, it still made my acne worse. Birth control had side effects too (mine were low libido, digestive problems, crying). I started this tincture 3 months after stopping birth control. I love this spearmint tincture because it improved my acne, has no side effects, and tastes great. I've been using it for about a month and I think it will eliminate my acne with continued use, as long as my stress levels and skincare are in check. I love that the shipping is free. I tried drinking spearmint tea, but I couldn't keep up with drinking it everyday so I never saw results. This is so convenient and has a great light taste.

Excellent quality and the taste is pretty refreshing which lets me know this is natural stuff.

I'm taking this twice a day as recommended.

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