Oatstraw Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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anthony hyden
Good Product!

The product is easy to digest and within a couple of weeks you began to notice positive results. I will continue to use this product as my confidence & appreciation levels are increasing.

I bought this as a recommendation from Dr. Oz ...

I bought this as a recommendation from Dr.Oz. I take it in the morning with my coffee and tea. I started seeing a different in my energy levels. I will buy more for sure

Janet Mitchell
Thank you!

I've noticed great results over the last few weeks and want to personally thank you for this product! It is not easy to find alternatives to certain products on the market and then to find liquid solutions is even better. The taste is good but I would say it is better if refrigerated.

Kelley Almond
Great quality and you can’t even taste it in a ...

Great quality and you can’t even taste it in a cup of water. I have only used this supplement 2days and I already see that my anxiety is going down and for a chronic insomniac I slept very well last night. I will certainly buy again!

Linam g
It really works

I was hesitant on believing this stuff would help at all but my wife read some information on line and with the chronic pain I have I was willing to try. The medications they give do not help much at all. I have a DVT down almost my entire leg, some calcification of some arteries as well as nerve and back damage. So I tried and it honestly helped cut my pain down more than the meds have. I take it twice a day. The good thing is it does not alter the taste of anything you put in, that was a biggie for me. No, I do not work or have any affiliation with this company but I am telling you to give it a shot, I sure am glad I did.

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