Motherwort Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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Robert Kapteyn
Extremely effective and helpful

It’s scandalous that Motherwort is virtually unknown to western doctors, because it is often much safer and more effective than the pills that they prescribe. My elderly father has been using it for years to treat irregular heartbeat coupled with anxiety. I ordered this tincture for him because he is getting physical therapy at a facility that does not allow the alcohol-based tincture that he was using. This works just as well. On it’s own, motherwort is very safe, but be careful to NEVER combine it with any other anti-anxiety medication.

Kelechi Lane

Motherwort Tincture

Kathleen Opon
Motherwort Is Great For Anxiety

I've been using Motherwort tincture for many years for chronic anxiety. I used to take prescription Ativan, but was able to stop once I started using Motherwort. For me just the smell, which others describe as unpleasant, brings me a sense of calm. This particular Motherwort tincture is wonderful. I would definitely purchase it again.


Great for what it is for ?

Nataliia C
Very good quality !

Was taking antidepressants for couple of month for SLIGHT postpartum depression and knew once I’m done and go back to doctor the doctor will more likely prescribe me more ( I was told do not quit them cold turkey ). I start breaking pills in half and quarters at the end to Lower gradually. Once they were gone start taking mother worth extract. And had no side effect. I’m
Not suggesting anybody quit antidepressants cold turkey. My situation is unique. I didn’t take them for long and my depression was slight. But this extract helped me with anxiety and nightmares as well.

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