Dandelion Root Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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I never imagined my favorite flower could be so much more wonderful.

I really can't believe that you guys have so many different types of herbs in extract form, its pretty mind blowing.

Excellent to promote good digestive health

The product was shipped just a couple days passed the original date provided. Product was well wrapped to avoid any possible damage. Product itself did precisely what it states on the label. Great for those on keto plans as you need the additional vitamins & minerals often lacking with this plan, magnesium for example, that can come from dandelion root. Excellent to help your instestinal tract as well.

S LeCren
Great stuff!

I love it! I can drink it with 2 oz of water. Or sneak in my smoothie at lunch. I will definitely get more when I run out.

Rita Oldach

One of my dog started having tear stains and stain on bottom of his tail and butt area. I’ve tried angel eye oral,wipes, shampoo it didn’t work since they took the antibiotic out of the ingredients and I’ve tried other products and nothing worked. Then I saw it on YouTube a vet recommended natural remedy. OMG! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. I’ve used it for 2weks and tear stains are almost gone and his butt/tail area is clean and his breath is even cleaner. I started giving it to my other 2dogs primarily for their breath. Now all 3 pups have fresh breath no more fishy breath.

Sheryl M.
Alcohol free only makes sense

LOVE that this is offered up as alcohol free. I mean....why take something to help your liver if it has alcohol in it? Kinda defeats the purpose. I believe this is working for me.....skin itching has diminished quite a bit, as has the ache on my right side. Very happy with this purchase.

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