Cilantro Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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Stacey Rae
So easy and so beneficial

Cilantro has many benefits and to this, I love this tincture. Adding it to smoothies or just plain water is perfect when I don't have the time to prepare the fresh. Cilantro detoxes the body of heavy metals, it has a fresh flavor and is so rich in chlorophyl. Thanks guys for creating such a wonderful beautiful product! ;)

Satisfied Reader
Satisfied customer

Awesome product-have ordered in the past and will continue to order in the future-this company has excellent support as well

Metal detox

Love this product. Using it for metal detox. I take it once or twice a day. I find if I take one dose right before bed, I sleep better. Also since using it my skin on my face looks better. I will continue to buy it.

Well done!

I decided to buy this because I know that cilantro has lots and lots of vitamins and minerals. This extract even has the taste of cilantro to it which lets you know that it is for real. I am going to recommend this because it is a natural product that works and that is what I was looking for.

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