Bilberry Fruit Tincture

Type: Alcohol-FREE
Size: 2 FL OZ


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Premium quality Tincture

Love this product. It taste good, very effective and a tincture of good quality. It is also alcohol free, which is easy to take.

Janet Winkle
Great Stuff!!

I'm on the 2nd bottle of Bilberry Fruit now, I order 2, 4oz bottles each time, so I'm close to starting my second order. It took about 6 weeks to really notice the change, but my eyes have cleared. I tried this because I read that the more shots you receive, the weaker the vessels would be. My eyes have cleared, though not completely, but have improved. So time being in the Retina specialist office, the better I am. I've had over 9 shots now, and the results are the same. I've looked for natural products and found your site. I will go to a different specialist of course should it be needed, but I'm happy with your natural product. It's great to know Mother nature's products work for what they are intended, they offer a safe alternative. :-)

This is a super powerful extract.

This has helped my overall energy levels and I know it is good for the eyes as well. I trust your products and have also been taking the eagle eye extract. I have not been disappointed yet.

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